Adam Papendieck

DSC_9363 (2)Adam Papendieck joined the Department of Curriculum and Instruction’s doctoral program in Learning Technologies in 2014. He is interested in how global connectedness is changing the ways that we know, learn and work together, and how networked groups manage to identify and accomplish learning and research goals across institutional, disciplinary and cultural boundaries. Adam likes to study interest-driven learning communities which emerge outside of institutions, such as web-based forums and affinity spaces, self-organized professional development networks, grassroots action communities and citizen science initiatives, drawing lessons for the design of more contextually relevant, inclusive and adaptive curricula and educational methods.

Adam is the current Writer-in-Residence at UT’s Jackson School of Geosciences where he works with students and faculty to foster strong scientific communication skills and digital-age scholarship. Prior to arriving at UT, Adam worked for over 10 years at Tulane University on international higher education and workforce development activities, using technology to enable new modes of learning and collaboration in the health sciences, social work and disaster resilience domains, primarily working in East Africa.  Domestically, Adam has helped catalyze a number of citizen-driven health and resilience knowledge initiatives in the Gulf Coast region, and supported his family and neighbors in starting a progressive, open-enrollment community school in downtown New Orleans.

Adam has a Master of Public Health from Tulane University and a BA in Philosophy and Biology from Macalester College.  Find him on Twitter: @apapendieck

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