Ashley Stone

Ashley Stone

Ashley Stone is a third year PhD student in the Higher Education Administration Program at The University of Texas at Austin. She holds a B.A. in Religion from Baylor University and began her career in Multicultural Affairs while earning her M.S..Ed. in Student Affairs Administration, also at Baylor. Prior to entering the program Ashley worked for six years in orientation first at Purdue University and then as the Director for New Student Orientation and Student Support at Southern Methodist University.  In these roles she was able to work with new students as they transitioned to college and continued to focus on diversity education, identity development, and leadership training.

Ashley’s primary research interests are in the ways students from rural communities matriculate into and navigate through higher education, understanding rurality as an identity and its intersection with other identities, and the impact of higher education has on rural students. Her current work looks at the values of students entering four-year institutions away from their rural community, how those values impact their choices about higher education, and how they formed those values.

Additionally, Ashley is involved in ongoing research looking at Latino/a students transitioning to HBCUs, the impact of service-learning on first-year students, and the experiences of Black Alumni graduating from The University of Texas at Austin’s Plan II program.  She also serves as the Service-Learning Coordinator for the Longhorn Center for Community Engagement.

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