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Volume 5, Issue 2

South Asian Americans in Higher Education:

Reflecting on Modern Public-School Teacher Experience: 

Critical Issue Submission: STEM Education

Book Review: 

Volume 5, Issue 1



Volume 4, Issue 1



A Highlight on Special Education EducatorsTexas Education Review Board


Preparing 21st Century Special Educators: An Overview of Challenges and OpportunitiesJessica Faith Carter, MEd


Special Education Teacher Educator ValuesRaymond J. Ostendorf, PhD


Teacher Evaluation in the Special Education Setting: Voices from the FieldAnn Sledge, EdD & Barbara L. Pazey, PhD


An Overview of the Issues in Evaluating Special Educators: Current Challenges and Recent DevelopmentsGavin W. Watts, MEd


Educator Evaluation 3.0: Leveraging Educator Evaluation Systems to Improve Outcomes for Students With DisabilitiesLindsey Hayes, MEd & Lynn Holdheide, MS

Training Special Educators in a World of Technology ChangesNigel P. Pierce, PhD

Issues in Evaluating Special Education Teachers: Challenges and Current PerspectivesEvelyn S. Johnson, EdD, Angela Crawford, EdD, Laura A. Moylan, MA, & Jeremy W. Ford, PhD

Volume 3, Issue 2







Volume 3, Issue 1


Critical Issue Overviews

An Overview of Immigration Issues in Education: A Brief History and Contemporary Issues Andrene Castro, MS, Aleksandra Malinowska, MA, Luz Del Carmen Serrata, MEd

An Overview of Transfer Conditions: Exploring Latina/o Community College Students in Texas José Del Real Viramontes, MA, Jorge Segovia, MEd, Mike Gutierrez, MEd, Juan Lopez, B.A.

An Overview of Modern Accountability: The Standards Movement, High-Stakes, and the Reauthorization of the ESEA Emily K. Germain, MA, Michael C. Barnes, MS


California Dreamin’ in Historically Black Colleges and Universities: The HBCU Transfer Guarantee Project and California Community Colleges Taryn Ozuna Allen, PhD

Disparate Impact on Immigrant and Latino/a Students in Texas: Unequal Funding, School Closures, and Dropout Status Maria Cristina Morales, PhD, Denise N. Delgado

Volume 2, Issue 2


Critical Issue Overviews

An Overview on Bilingual Education: Historical Rise and Opposing Views Eric Ruiz Bybee, MEd, Kathryn I. Henderson, MEd, Roel V. Hinojosa, MA, MS 

An Overview of School Finance Policy: Key Federal and State Litigation Melinda A. Lemke, MEd, Katie Jackson, MEd, Meghan D. Lehr, MA

An Overview of Game Based Learning: Motivations and Authentic Learning Experiences  Sa Liu, MAJina Kang, MA

An Overview on STEM Education: Achievements and Challenges in the Age of Innovation Charles Lu, PhD

An Overview on Urban Education: A Brief History and Contemporary Issues Kristine J. Massey, MA, Amber S. Warrington, MA, Kathlene A. Holmes, MEd 

An Overview of Campus Climate: Dimensions of Diversity in Higher Education Ryan A. Miller, MEd

An Overview of Black Achievement: Current Trends at all Levels of the Education Trajectory Leann V. Smith, BA, Stacey Jackson, MS, MA 

Volume 2, Issue 1



To Be of Use: A Narrative Roadmap for Creating an Open-Access, Peer-Reviewed, Graduate Student Educational Journal  Melinda A. Lemke, MEd, Meghan D. Lehr, MA,  Raul R. Calvoz, JD, MBA

Featured Articles

Premedical Students’ Orientation toward Education: Challenges for the Pipeline into Medical School  Mitchell Chang, PhD, Michael Soh, MA, Kevin Eagan, PhD, Sylvia Hurtado, PhD 

The Study of Latino Education  Antonia Darder, PhD, Rodolfo D. Torres, PhD

Cream Skimming in Texas: A Comparison of the Characteristics of Students Entering High-Profile Charter Schools in the Same Zip Code  Ed Fuller, PhD

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs): Leading Our Nation’s Effort to Improve the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Pipeline   Marybeth Gasman, PhD,  Thai-Huy Nguyen

Education in Urban Spaces: False Notions About Solutions and Little Attention to Social Justice   Carl A. Grant, PhD, Alexandra Allweiss, MA

Motivating Students to Learn Using A Game-Based Learning Approach: Gaming and Education Issue  Min Liu, EdD

Campus Climate for Diversity: Current Realities and Suggestions for the Future  Annemarie Vaccaro, PhD

Critical Issue Overview

An Overview on Charter Schools: Historical Rise and Opposing Views  Lindsay D. Redd, MA, Anthony V. LeClair, MEd, Samuel J. Goessling, MA 

Volume 1 – Time Capsule 2013


To the Times in Which We Live  Texas Education Review Editorial Board

The Texas Educational Landscape

Leading Change with Technology-Enhanced Education at The University of Texas at Austin: Five Guiding Principles  William Powers, Jr., JD

Legislative Update – 83rd Texas Legislature  Representative Jimmie Don Aycock, DVM

Education: Key to Continuing the “Texas Miracle” Representative Donna Howard, MA

The Barriers and Route to Texas School Finance Equity  Albert Kauffman, JD

Bilingual Education

Language Policy Insights: A New Hope for Educating Our Latino Population  Nancy Compean-Garcia, EdD & Samuel Garcia, EdD

Community, Home, and School Partnerships: A Critical Issue in Bilingual Education   Claudia Peralta, PhD

Campus Climate (Higher Education)

Improving Campus Climate: The Role of Social Justice                                                Connie T. Wolfe, PhD & Janine Kay Gwen Chi, PhD

Charter Schools

Twenty Years of Charter Schools: What We’ve Learned  Mike Feinberg, MEd

Reframing the Refrain: Choice as a Civil Rights Issue  Julian Vasquez Heilig, PhD

Education Technology

“Learn by doing” with the Modern Textbook  (HTML VersionSmita Bakshi, PhD, MBA

A Brief History of (EdTech) Time  Betsy Corcoran

Entrepreneurship Education

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?  Robert Metcalfe, PhD

Free Speech in Schools

Tinker: A Doctrine Whose Time Has Gone  Jim Walsh, JD

Gaming and Education

Why Game Developers and Educators Need to Work Together  Jenn Bullard

Learning Systems, Not Games  James Paul Gee, PhD

Black Student Achievement

Deconstructing Ogbu’s Acting White Thesis: An Africentric Critique  Kevin Cokley, PhD

From Problem to Prizewinners: Recalibrating Perspectives on Black Student Achievement  Richard Reddick, PhD

Queer Theory in Education

Skipping Away from Inanity: Towards a Whimsical Queering of Educational Policy Catherine A. Lugg, PhD & Jason Murphy, EdM

STEM Education

Can We Get “There” from “Here?”: An Argument for Improved Climate Science Education Through Texas State Adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards  K.C. Busch, MA & Jonathan Osborne, PhD

Supporting Minority Male Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Disciplines  Lorenzo Esters, EdD & Ivory Toldson, PhD

Teacher Quality

Addressing the Teacher Quality Gap Before Making the Hiring Decision                       Ebbie Parsons, III, EdD

Urban Education

Living the Legacies and Continuing the Struggle: Immigration, PreK-16 Education and Transnationalism  Michelle Knight, PhD

A Critical Patriotism for Urban Schooling: A Call for a Pedagogy Against Fear and Denial and For Democracy  Peter McLaren, PhD