Bilingual Education

The article examined issues pertinent to the education of Latina and Latino students in the United States. Key to this discussion is the issue of changing demographics and its relationship to the structure and practice of public schooling in Latino communities. The significant role of the economy and the changing nature of poverty in perpetuating the political dynamics of racialization and other forms of inequalities were considered here, particularly with respect to educational research and public policy concerns central to an emancipatory vision of Latino education.  We are pleased to present The Study of Latino Education.

This Feature Article was written by Antonia Darder and Rodolfo D. Torres.  Dr. Darder is a distinguished international Freirian scholar. Her scholarship focuses on critical issues of racism, political economy, social justice, and education. Dr. Torres is a recipient of the prestigious Adam Smith Foundation Fellowship, University of Glasgow, Scotland. His current research areas include: Latino Urbanism, Direct Economic Democracy and Alternative Futures, Mexican American politics, and Marxist and anarchist inspired political economy.

Issues-based scholarship