Critical Forums

The Texas Education Review (TxEd) is being built to lead the evolution of online academic journals.  Rather than simply publish articles that address varied issues in education in a traditional chronological format, we have taken a more intentional approach.
The TxEd editorial team identified what we believe to be the top fifty critical forums in education today.  We plan to build a Critical Forum page for each of those issues where we will highlight the latest research and editorials on the given topic.  Each Critical Forum page will also provide a PhD student written Overview that serves as an introduction to anyone interested in learning more about that specific issue.

Please contact us if you would like to submit a work for consideration regarding any of these Critical Forums in education or if you are interested in submitting on a topic not currently listed.

Critical Forms in Education

Access and Equity Curriculum Reform Poverty Teacher Education
Accountability Disproportionality and overrepresentation in special education Principal Turnover Teacher motivation
Achievement Gap Dropout rates Privitization of Education Teacher Preparation: Programs, Rigor, and Mentoring
Alternative Certification of Teachers and Principals For-Profit Education Professionalism in Teaching/Teacher Autonomy Teacher technology professional development
Alternative education for problematic students Gender disparities in education Program Development and Reform Teacher Turnover
Bilingual Education Globalization Public higher education governance Technology integration in the classroom
Charter Schools High School to College/Vocational Transition School Finance Tenure/Property rights
Classroom behavior management High Stakes Testing School Improvement Urban Education
Community-university relations/engagement High-achieving, K-12 mental health issues School-to-Prison pipeline/ Zero tolerance policies Use of race in higher education admissions
Consumer materialism In loco parentis Student assessment
Corporate curriculum International education (study abroad) Student marginalization, alienation, and discrimination
Critical Education Narrowing of Curriculum Student motivation
Culturally-relevant pedagogy Neoliberal and neoconservative discourses Students of Color
Philanthropy and fundraising Students with disabilities in the educational pipeline


Issues-based scholarship