Emily Germain



Emily Germain is currently a doctoral student in the Education Policy and Planning Program at the University of Texas at Austin.  Prior to joining the program, she earned an M.A. in Social Studies Education at Columbia University and taught for 6 years at a public school in the Bronx and a KIPP charter school in Austin. Her broad research interests include school-choice, high stakes testing and accountability, teacher preparation and retention, effects of poverty and community resources on student learning and outcomes, access to and preparedness for higher education, and the intersection of race and socio-economic status in determining success in America.

She is currently involved in research using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to map community patterns and school related data. This approach provides a unique perspective through its distinctively visual results. In pursuit of equity, access and opportunity for all students, she and her colleague, Joanna Sanchez, are building a nonprofit, Odisea 2.0. Odisea’s mission is to work with cohorts of students from 8th grade through college to ensure they enroll and graduate from institutions of higher learning that will allow them to achieve their career and life aspirations.




Issues-based scholarship