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You may be wondering why we have Forums when we already opened up a Reviews section. Well, for starters, forums and reviews are two different things. Although both of them provide great help, their functions are not exactly the same.

Reviews are more like the feedback given by people based on their experiences of a company. They provide information on how their stay was and if they were satisfied. Forums are more personal;problems and issues can be discussed among participants.

The purpose of our forum is to address things that haven’t been addressed in our content. We believe that because of our human nature, there will be things that we can forget to tell you or issues we may have overseen.

And so, to minimize such issues, we are opening a page that will allow you to publish your issues and concerns.

Since this is a private page, everyone will have the chance to give a piece of their mind, and you could reply to their response as well. This is the part where you will be able to develop a different kind of relationship with the other participants.

However, since we still want to keep everything as professional as possible, a group of moderators will be keeping an eye on your actions in the sidelines.

If ever we see that what you’re trying to put out could spark some fire between the audiences or is a form of an attack, we will have the sole discretion of removing any messages exhibiting so.