Jessica Mitchell


Jessica I. Mitchell is a first-year PhD student in School Psychology in the Department of Educational Psychology. Jessica’s research interests include autism spectrum disorders and executive functioning, psychometrics and neuropsychological functioning, and the social context of ableism and disability. Current projects include analyzing the nature of the underlying structures of intelligence and achievement measures, examining the role of specific components of executive functioning in autism spectrum disorders, and the development of assessments to measure specific components of executive functioning.

Community activism and engagement is central to Jessica’s praxis. During her time as an undergraduate and master’s student, she worked with teens and young adults in sexual health and relationship education and provided campus education on mental health and illness. She also previously spent time as a political organizer and sexual assault survivor’s advocate. Jessica’s continued interest in these areas from a community standpoint help to inform her research and broaden her academic perspective to be inclusive of marginalized experiences.

Jessica also holds a M.A. in school psychology and a B.A. in psychology from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her previous research involved sexual violence in youth and the sexual violence prevention curriculum in schools, as well as behavioral and academic consultation with Latino/a populations.

Issues-based scholarship