Jingwen Liu

Liu, Jingwen_副本

Jingwen Liu is an international student from China. She earned her B.S. in applied psychology in Nanjing Normal University, and her M.S. in sports psychology in Florida State University. She is currently a doctoral student studying physical education teacher education at the University of Texas at Austin.

Growing up as a competitive swimmer, Jingwen’s passion and interests for sports and physical activity have shaped her pursuits in research. She have conducted research on body image, exercise motivation, physical education curriculum evaluation, and physical activity and fitness assessment. She has developed her expertise in quantitative research design, especially in survey research and quasi-experimental research. Jingwen is now conducting a survey research on teacher’s professional identity in physical education. She aims to understand how preservice physical education teachers construct professional identity. She aspires to establish teacher preparation programs where preservice teachers embrace and develop a strong professional identity in the teaching profession.

Jingwen taught college level sport education and conceptual physical education classes in the past 2 years at the University of Texas at Austin.  She also has worked as a red-cross certified swimming instructor for 7 summer sessions in China, Florida, and Texas. She enjoyed her class, and actively promotes healthy lifestyle and choices in her classes and her professional services.


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