Kevin Magill


Kevin Magill is a member of the Social Studies Curriculum & Instruction Doctoral program at The University of Texas at Austin. He currently works as a teacher educator, facilitating experiences for Elementary and Secondary Teachers in the UT Teach Undergraduate Certification and Master Plus Certification Degree programs. His research interests include: Social Studies, Critical Theory/Pedagogy, Policy Reform, and Cultural Studies.

Before becoming a teacher, Kevin worked as a policy analyst for the City of Woodland California and was a collegiate coach at California State University, Stanislaus. Kevin taught in public and private schools, middle and high schools in addition to being the co-developer and case carrier for Seaside High School’s Opportunity Program.  The program was developed with a public/critical pedagogical approach.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a MPA degree from California State University, Stanislaus as well as a MA in Education from The University of California, Davis.

Kevin’s publications include: A Critical Humanist Curriculum, Hope, Rage and Inequality: A Critical Humanist Inclusive Education with Arturo Rodriguez and From Student-Teachers to Teachers of Students: Beginning Teachers’ Journeys from Pre-Service to the Classroom.

Issues-based scholarship