Leann Smith

Leann Smith is a PhD student in School Psychology and aims to receive a portfolio in Applied Statistical Modeling. Her research interests include the academic achievement of minority students, racial and ethnic identity development of adolescents, structural equation modeling and confirmatory factor analysis.

Having a strong background in leadership and service, Leann is currently building on her skills as a psychologist in training. Leann is an experienced presenter, as she has spoken to high school student groups ranging from 10 to 550 students at a time. Through these interactions, Leann was able to identify some of the road blocks to students completing their education as well as some motivating factors that made them resilient.  As the diagnostician at the Hancock Wellness Private practice and a practicum student in the Del Valle Independent School District, she is able to put theory to practice and gain hands on experience with working with students from both high SES and low SES backgrounds.

As an Undergraduate Research Scholar, Leann holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Texas A&M University (2007) with a minor in Psychology and is an experienced tutor and teaching assistant in a range of mathematics topics. Previously explored research areas include peer-related aggression of adolescent girls and psychology programs’ commitment to diversity and recruitment strategies for diverse students.

Issues-based scholarship