Urban Education

In this critical essay, we explore how overriding media and political
frames have constructed education in urban spaces as a “problem” in ways that make possible the framing of neoliberal education reforms as solutions. We juxtapose neoliberalism with theories of social justice to show how social justice theories would lead to deeper understandings of education in urban spaces and different possible solutions. We are pleased to present Education in Urban Spaces: False Notions About Solutions and Little Attention to Social Justice.

This article was written by Dr. Carl Grant and Alexandra (Alex) Allweiss.  Dr. Grant is the Hoefs-Bascom Professor of Teacher Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and Professor in the Department of Afro-American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Alex is a graduate student in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies at the University  Wisconsin-Madison.

Issues-based scholarship