Volume 3, Issue 2: Special Issue, Neoliberalism in Education


Introduction to the Special Issue: Neoliberalism in Education

Texas Education Review Editorial Board


The Long Road to Redemption: Critical Pedagogy and the Struggle for the Future 

Peter McLaren, PhD


The Death of Higher Education as a Democratic Public Sphere

Henry A. Giroux, PhD


Teachers as the Gravediggers of Neoliberalism: Promoting Dialectical Individualism from the Ruins of the Neoliberal State

Angelo J. Letizia, PhD

Right-to-Work and Lenin’s Communist Pedagogy: An Introduction

Curry Malott, PhD

Neoliberalism and the Contradictions of Freedom: Ideology, Subjectivity, and Critical Pedagogy

Noah De Lissovoy, PhD

Student as Value Based Product: Reconceptualizing the Subjective Nature of Education

Arturo Rodriguez, PhD  & Kevin R. Magill, MPA, MA


“Neo-Liberalism?” Bullshit! Revolutionary Thought and Action Against Capital and Empire

Rich Gibson, PhD

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