Educational Literature: 3 Books Appropriate for Pre-school Teachers

In order to identify whether a pre-school or a childcare service provider is appropriate for your children, one thing that you need to look for is the materials that they are using. The chosen educational literatureis an essential factor as it could greatly affect how your child learns and develops.

As far as we think it is relevant, here are some books that are considered to be very helpful for pre-school teachers in their task to guide their students.

Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves

Personal biases are inevitable. It’s something that’s somehow imprinted within us. However, just because it is part of our nature doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. This book will help you control your biases, overlook the barriers of prejudice, and make objective decisions.

A Survival Guide for the Preschool Teacher

This is another book that doesn’t focus on how to teach but rather on a teacher’s holistic approach to children. This book believes that there are other things that contribute to the growth of a child more than the lessons that they present.

And to be honest, this is such a good perspective to work with.

The Intentional Teacher: Choosing the Best Strategies for Young Children’s Learning

Helping children learn is never easy. For starters, they are children which means that their attention span and their ability to grasp a concept is very limited. This is the very reason why you need to have the right strategy.

Most of the time, it is needed to employ varied techniques depending on the child.

If your service provider uses these books or something that is similar to it, then, your child might be in good hands. Although, we still suggest that you employ additional precautions just in case. Remember, this is your child we’re talking about.

Every little detail that needs to be known should be considered and be given enough attention.

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